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MMBF Projects


Find our latest projects and partnerships listed below. We are always interesting in getting involved in more projects  so if you have something you feel would be of interest to us do not forget to use the Apply page or email


View our projects from 2016 here

MMBF Awards/Alumni - 2017



MMBF Best Studet Award at New Media Film Festival

Winners: Derek O'Dell for AEON film

Tracey Aivaz  for Indomitable film

Inbar Hagai for Foot Stretcher film



2017: Undependence MMBF Rising Star Award

Winner: Enrique Rodríguez Buleo


MMBF Jonathan Sothcott Award

Winner: Emmeline Kellie


MMBF Emma Dark Award

Winner:  SOLITARY short film (Daniel Isober & Mark Logan)


MMBF Amar Adatia Award

Winner: Deividas Balciunas (Epping Forest College)



2017: Beeston Film Festival - Award Winners

Sophie Black -  MMBF Rising Star

Peter Hatter - Best Short Winner

Emmeline Kellie - MMBF Rising Star


2017: MM Innovators Fund

Grant Winners:

Exchange (Melanie Purdie) - Leeds

Typeone - London

Witness Theatre - Brighton

Manon Williams - Photographer

John Clark - Filmmaker



2017: MMBF Tumi Katisi Award

Scholarship Winner: Ntombizodwa Zane


2017: Theatre N16 - First Credit Scheme

Maanuv Thiari, Paul Boichat, Maisie Black, Rebecca Drake, Ellie Gauge, Amy Hendry


2017: MMBF Walton FC

Coach, Kevin Hale & Full Squad



2014 Projects 2015 Projects

Undependence MMBF

Rising Star Award

MMBF Emma Dark Award

MMBF Amar Adatia Award


Jonathan Sothcott Award

Colchester Film Festival

Rising Star Award 2017