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An interview with MMBF Rising Star Emma Dark

By mmbfuk, Dec 16 2015 12:44PM

Q. Emma its great to be interviewing such a diverse & talented creative. You model, act and also make films – Which is the most important for you?

Thank you very much. Without a shadow of a doubt it has to be filmmaking. It's something I'm deadly serious about and have poured an incredible amount of time, heart and soul into for the last year or so with 'Seize the Night'. Acting is a secondary factor to that and finally modelling as a very small fragment at the end of that chain. Modelling isn't something I'll be continuing with on a large scale level, save for a few fun cinematic style shoots.

Q. Your model work saw you win World Goth Day's Best Model – how did this feel?

At the time is was a great achievement, and a significant turning point for me in regards to becoming a little more recognised creatively and picking up my first film/video role in Kim Wilde's 'Every Time I See You I Go Wild' horror music video. I landed a lead part in that and had a lot of screen time and close-ups, it pushed me towards the path I am on now.

Q. What has been the driving force behind your horror/macabre interest throughout your career?

I've always liked horror, even from a very early age, it's something that's a part of me. I'm also a big sci-fi fan though and to some extent fantasy. As you might guess the films, TV and books I enjoy are usually on the darker side though :-)

Q. Your most recent film Seize the Night has landed rave reviews – how did this project come about?

I'd been wanting to make a film for a while but for various reasons hadn't had the final push needed to go ahead and make one. Interviewing some fantastic indie filmmakers at FrightFest 2014 really inspired me though. The quality of the films of those producer/directors I interviewed and their passion was great, and for some it was their first film. So I thought if they can do it so can I, and that really inspired me to take that final leap. I started thinking about the 'kind' of film I wanted to make and then set about constructing a viable screen oriented story that would almost appear like a high end TV pilot with good friend and US based screenwriter Richard Humphries. Richard was able to translate my ideas for screen and we worked really well together. I know creating something very grandiose without a definite ending that closes the plot line down may be considered a faux pas but that's what I wanted to create, partly because I always knew by hook or by crook there would be more to come and partly because that's what I wanted to make, in the way I wanted to make it, and if every filmmaker just stuck to the rule book we wouldn't have had maverick greats such as Hitchcock and Tarantino transforming modern cinema.

Q. You won our MMBF Rising Star Award – what in the film can you attribute the award to (acting, directing)?

I did indeed, thank you very much for that, it was a true honour! It was an all-around award for Seize the Night (which I produced, directed, starred, edited and marketed), mainly focused around my directorial role.

Q. What challenges do you feel indie filmmakers in the UK are faced with?

Apart from the usual time and budget problems, which I'm sure are a global issues, there are some hindrances around available space and venue hire costs that I would flag as possible blockers to most filmmakers on a budget.

Q. How would you address the lack of female film directors?

I can't speak for the commercial film industry but certainly in indie film there are female directors, although not a vast amount. It's a hot topic at the moment and I don't know why there are less female directors than male but there is certainly no reason for women who want to pursue their dreams not to do so. It would be interesting to see how many female directors are 'hired' for work on indie films so to speak opposed to how many produce their own films and subsequently direct them too. If there is any negativity to be found it might be on the former point, as a gun for hire, with a preference for male directors. Certainly nobody has asked me to direct their film... yet!

Q. What's next up for Emma Dark? Anything interesting?

I have a couple of short films planned from my producer/director hat point of view, again with horror themes, I can't say much about those right now though. I'm also set to be taking the lead role of Laura Kinsey in Kev Harte of AbandonHope Films latest project 'The Morning Star Preserves Company', that should be early 2016 sometime. I also have a storytelling segment in Richard Gladman's 'Fragments of Fear' that will be coming out soon and a few other small roles in indie horror films. I'll also be looking to release my film 'Seize the Night' at some point next year and continue the story onto the next 'episode'. Of course I would love a serious investor to step forward as ideally I'd like to make this into a high production value TV series or feature film.

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