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An interview with documentary filmmaker - Theresa Khalil

By mmbfuk, Sep 16 2015 11:35AM

Q. So tell us more about Theresa, when did your film-making bug begin?

A. I started my passion about filmmaking with the home video camera we had when I made a home video with the title "Traditional family "which was just me following my mother, brother and sister all around the house. Filmmaking continued to be a hobby of mine for a very long time around 15 years when finally I decided to study it and was lucky to be selected for a master program called Docnomads which funded my studies in Europe.

Q. You also have a passion for graphic designing, does this help when making a film?

A. In films you can blend all kind of art and I usually put a touch of Graphics and animation in the documentaries I make.

Q. Your portfolio is very documentary heavy, what drives you to make a documentary?

A. In documentaries life is the real director and it is always interesting for me to discover what life has to offer.

Q. Do you think there is still a commercial need for documentaries in the EU film market?

A. There is always a commercial need for documentaries in any market but it depends on the topic and the way the film is made. I also see great potential in another form of market which is the online world and that's why I established my YouTube channel UniquemeansFarid which is a window for short documentaries directly connecting the filmmakers to their audience.

Q. You have spearheaded productions In Hungary, Belgium and Portugal – Which country was your favourite?

A. My favourite country is Portugal it is a hidden gem by the ocean, long history and great nature. Before I come to Europe I thought it was part of Spain.

Q. What projects have you got ear marked for the future?

A. The main reason I wanted to become a film maker is a documentary film which I want to make under the title (The scrapbook of life) I have started writing it down and I am working on developing the idea. It is a documentation of the human’s most important experience of existence "Life". I am looking for crew members and scrapbook artists so when I get the funds I will be ready to shoot.

You can find more about it here!fund/clki

Q. What advice would you give to a young film-maker who is interested in directing?

A. One important advice is when you study film directing be careful not to get too much inspired by others that you lose your own voice. Make films that show who you really are even if they will be out of the box.

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