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By mmbfuk, Jun 30 2017 06:00AM

ISABELLA MASROUGA has become the youngest ever MMBF Award receipent and here is everything you need to know about her!

While most young artists struggle to find creative outlets and guidance, Isabella Masrouga cultivates her passion for visual arts and storytelling at the Cinematic Arts Academy at Millikan Middle School in Los Angeles. There, along with rigorous academic coursework, she's required to singlehandedly write, shoot and edit multiple projects each year. At age 11, Isabella made four short films and was honored with the Academy's coveted "Spirit Award," acknowledging her creativity and supportive attitude toward her classmates.

Isabella's first narrative film, "A Baker's Dozen," was named "Under 21 Best Short Film" at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival in Wales, UK, making her the youngest recipient of the MMBF Rising Star Award to date. This film was also an official selection at the Nassau Film Festival, StarDance Youth Film Festival, Los Angeles CineFest and the 300 Seconds Short Film Festival.

Isabella's most recent work, "Some Bunny's Story" was featured at her school's highly competitive Spring Film Festival where it screened at the legendary Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

When she's not making movies, Isabella loves photography, traveling and playing with her feisty and photogenic cat Hamilton.

Photography gallery

By mmbfuk, Jun 26 2017 10:12AM

MMBF Trust are pleased to announce that we are now supporting sports coaching initiatives in Essex through a partnership with Billericay Town FC's owner Glenn Tamplin. As part of this scheme award receipents will attend a fully funded Level 3 sports coaching course whilst benefitting from hands on experience shadowing Glenn during training sessions.

Megan Turner, MMBF chair says "I am enormously pleased to be supporting young people who wish to establish a career in sports, as an arts charity getting active and keeping the mind and body busy is at the forefront of what we are trying to do.

"Furthermore it is with great pleasure to accept a generous donation from Glenn Tamplin, philanthropy of this magnitude and the dedication Glenn has already shown in trying to get young people doing something is exciting for us."

The MMBF Glenn Tamplin Sports Award launches today on Monday 26th of June and will run until The 30th of August.

You can enter the competition via

By mmbfuk, Jun 14 2017 01:09PM

The Matthew Martino Innovators Fund picked a handful of succesful projects during the last intake and one of the lucky few was Exchange in Leeds.

Exchange is a new pilot company based in Leeds, made up of Independent Producers Melanie Purdie and Anna Turzynski who met through the Compass Live Art Festival Young Producers Scheme in 2014.

Exchange began in 2015 when through a pilot event in association with the BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellowship, we studied the ecology and artistic landscape of early career creatives living and working in the city of Leeds. Exchange is interested in creating a mechanism to improve access into the arts in Leeds, focussing on making more meaningful connections between early career creative and the city, encouraging more artists to make work and live in the city, and through that, building a sustainable support network for young creatives.

Exchange will curate pilot events in Leeds to animate their research. The programme will facilitate and embolden the creation and retention of new artists in the city. We will test ideas for artist development projects, events and develop professionally as a company.

By mmbfuk, May 22 2017 07:14PM

Returning for yet another year the MMBF Emma Dark Horror Award didnt dissapoint at all!

As announced earlier this month this award was won by Solitary, a short film produced Daniel Isebor, written by Kieren Hughes and directed by Mark Logan.

About Solitary:

‘Solitary’ is an expressionistic horror film concerning the strange fate of its central character Victoria; a vicious 19 year old hoodlum, of whom after a tough and tragic life of abuse has gone on to develop an unhealthy addiction to violence. However, following one particular night on the streets of London, in which she led her two teenage acquaintances Charlene and Sam into an unspeakable act of horror, Victoria sits alone in her squalid flat wherein the mental consequences of her actions seem to come crushing into her physical world, only are these consequences entirely all the manifestations of one’s psychology?

Now lets meet the talent:

Daniel Isebor, Producer:

Daniel was born in Bexleyheath, Kent and moved to London in 1996. His passion for film and media started from the tender age of 8, when introduced to British sitcoms. He then went to on to perform in many school productions including, Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat. With a strong interest in the very heartbeat of filmmaking, he began to take a more hearty interest in the production side of the industry. Having developed skills in marketing and business in early schooling, achieving a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy and working as in various roles in the media, over the past five years. He used the skills taken from these roles to help co-found and develop Macabra Productions. In that time, he has been involved in over 15 short film productions, including, Golden Trellick award nominated short film, Broken Swords and MMBF Trust Emma Dark Horror Award winning short, Solitary.

Kieren Hughes, Writer/Co-Producer:

Kieren was born in Plymouth in 1982 but was soon later raised in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire where he developed an interest in all kinds of cinema from an early age. He went on to study Art and Design at higher education of which then progressed to him studying a degree in Film Studies at the Southampton Solent University. During his time there he dabbled with a number of roles in making short films but decided that his true strength lay in writing. He moved to London in 2006 where whilst working as a teacher, he began to master his craft, writing a variety of short films, short stories and feature films, each one experimenting with genre and form whilst exploring complex themes. His role at Macabra involves assisting with creative deleveopment, with contributions in writing and producing.

Mark Logan, Director:

Mark is a lifelong horror fan. Early memories include watching BBC Late Night Horror Double Bill's and leaping out of his seat in a cinema during Jaws (when the head falls out the bottom of the boat!) In 2014, after a varied career path including acting, theatre directing ad stand up comedy, he took the plunge and enrolled on the Raindance MA in Film. A Masters degree that he hopes to one day finish, if only he can stop working on film projects long enough!

As a writer and director his projects to date have included RATS, starring Laurence R. Harvey and Nicholas Vince, which has so far chalked up 16 Festival selections, SOLITARY for Macabra Productions most recently a Grindhouse love story short film, TOM CAME HOME.

Mark is currently in pre production on his next projects, a modern gothic tale, FATHER and a feature based on English Folk Tales, LORE.

Looking to the future, Mark has several genre feature projects in various states of development including his long gestating killer mattress movie, DISTURBED and a return to the world of RATS in HAUNTERS. Mark seeks to tell stories through the eyes of characters less familiar to genre audiences, attempting to show that regardless of age, gender or even political persuasion, when the lights go out we are all a little afraid of the dark.

Now lets watch the multi-award winning flick -

By mmbfuk, May 17 2017 08:15AM

The MMBF Amar Adatia Award was introduced to boost aspiring filmmakers to reach their full potential.

Meet the winner of the award Deividas Balciunas

His story

I am currently a student at Epping Forest college and I am in my second year of studying creative media production and am very close to the end of the college year. I am hoping to be going to university for the start of the next academic year to continue studying media.

I am originally from Lithuania and have been living in the UK since I was three years old. When I moved to the UK I couldn't speak English at all and had to learn how to speak it. I had to heavily adapt to life in the UK as it is nothing like my home country. I have a very strong passion for the media, and it all started when I did GSCE media in secondary school. In the final media exam I ended up getting an A, even though I thought I did horribly. From secondary school I went to college and continued learning about media.

From there, my passion for media grew even more and I became interested in a lot of different topics such as film and television. That's my journey so far and I hope that it gets a lot bigger and better as this is only just the beginning.

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