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By mmbfuk, Oct 22 2017 04:24AM

Epping Forest College student Deividas Balciunas earlier in the summer won the MMBF Amar Adatia Award.

The prize of the award entitled him to a DSLR film camera partnered with a crew role on Amar Adatia's feature film Dead Ringer.

The teenage rising star fought of competition from over 100 entrants to win the award.

Here is pictured collecting his Canon DSLR camera from Matthew Martino.

The local student who has previously spoke of how he plans to continue on to university to continue studying media is now a member of the MMBF Trust Alumnus.

By mmbfuk, May 17 2017 08:15AM

The MMBF Amar Adatia Award was introduced to boost aspiring filmmakers to reach their full potential.

Meet the winner of the award Deividas Balciunas

His story

I am currently a student at Epping Forest college and I am in my second year of studying creative media production and am very close to the end of the college year. I am hoping to be going to university for the start of the next academic year to continue studying media.

I am originally from Lithuania and have been living in the UK since I was three years old. When I moved to the UK I couldn't speak English at all and had to learn how to speak it. I had to heavily adapt to life in the UK as it is nothing like my home country. I have a very strong passion for the media, and it all started when I did GSCE media in secondary school. In the final media exam I ended up getting an A, even though I thought I did horribly. From secondary school I went to college and continued learning about media.

From there, my passion for media grew even more and I became interested in a lot of different topics such as film and television. That's my journey so far and I hope that it gets a lot bigger and better as this is only just the beginning.

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