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By mmbfuk, Sep 8 2017 12:30PM

Enrique Buleo is a talented filmmaker and the winner of the MMBF Rising Star Award at unDependence Film Festival in Edinburgh.

Enrique Rodríguez Buleo was born in Villanueva de la Jara (Spain) in 1979. In 1997 he began his studies in Fine Arts. In his university years he began making video pieces and in 2001 he won the third prize in a young artists contest in his region with a shortfilm called "Rec.

Since mid 2000's until now, Enrique has combined his cinematographic works with his stamps production. In 2010 he made his first individual exhibition in Cuenca.

Between 2015 and 2016 he wrote and filmed "Decorosa" in several Spanish locations that was selected in more than 50 film festivals. He is currently writing his first film called provisionally "Efe y e".

You can watch the teaser of Decorosa, Enrique's latest project here:

By mmbfuk, Aug 28 2015 12:32PM

Q1. So Rhodri tell us a little more about yourself? How long have you been making films?

A: My interest in film began at a young age, primarily through the curiosity I felt while watching my parents use an old camera to capture the events of our family holidays, which were always eventful! We all shared the duties on camera while exploring our destinations and I took up the mantle in my early teenage years. This developed as I discovered dancing or 'Jump style' as it's called. The first video I ever filmed and edited was of me dancing (very badly) in my back garden! Despite it being understandably terrible as it was my first attempt at editing, the empowerment I felt through cutting and manipulating the images was incredible. That was the moment I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Q2. What are your thoughts on the UK film market?

A: I think there are plenty of opportunities for young film makers in the UK and I hold out hope for those of us who feel like they want their ideas put out on screen for the world to see. A great example of how young Welsh/British film makers are evolving and taking leaps is 'Craig Roberts'. He has recently finished his debut feature 'Just Jim' which he filmed in my local area. The opportunity to direct a feature film of any kind must be an incredible experience and something I hope to do in the next few years of my career.

Q3. You say you're a perfectionist - do you think its possible to make a perfect film on a low budget?

A: Perfection itself is a false notion and based on the subjective view of an individual. I believe that with or without a budget, you can make an incredible and profound film. It's how you use what you have access to. It is so easy for young people to get hold of high quality cameras and start shooting. The idea is to just start shooting and ideas will come to you.

Q4. What drives you to want to make a film?

A: I think deep down we all want to change the world in some way, to make it a better place to live in. As over the top and naïve as it may sound, it's why I make films. To make people think about how they live, how we could improve or evolve as a species. Film has enabled me to illustrate various emotions. I find it fascinating that people who watch my films all have different ideas as to the message and emotions that they evoke and through the visuals have their own unique experience. I have found it to be very true that an image says a thousand words.

Q5. You recently won our MMBF Rising Star Award - How did that feel?

A: I couldn't attend the ceremony to accept my award as I was away, but a friend who attended told me that I had won. It felt amazing as winning anything always does. It's almost a solid confirmation that what you have created did it's job and that is a very encouraging thought!

Q6. How do you go about funding a film?

A: I am always seeking ways of funding my work and am usually supplied a budget by clients if it is for music videos and promotional videos. But in terms of my film work, I usually fund anything personally. I know that there is funding available from institutions such as 'Ffilm Cymru Wales' and I will likely apply for funding on larger scale future projects.

Q7. Describe your experience studying at Newport University?

A: Studying at Newport was an enlightening experience. The course I studied on (Documentary Film and TV) has since changed to a course of a different name, but I am proud to be a part of the extremely talented alumni. Previous head of the film school at Newport 'Chris Morris' and one of the other lecturers 'John Burgan' were instrumental in my growth as a film maker and a person. Guiding me and my fellow students confidently through the creative struggles that we had to overcome.

Q8. What can we expect from you in the future?

A: I am always working on something and you can keep up to date with my work via my website ( In terms of projects I am currently in the process of writing an ambitious short film that I hope to make in the next few months once I have everything organised. Apart from that I am increasingly hopeful and driven when it comes to my future as a film maker and hope to achieve recognition in the industry over the next few years.

To see more of Rhodri's work visit -

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