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MMBF Trust supports young entrepreneurs around the UK at the beginning of their career through our MM Enterprise Award scheme. Through the scheme you can get mentoring, business start-up grants and an opportunity to attend free business courses.


To find out more and apply visit



The MMBF is keen to support filmmakers, actors  and perfomers at any stage of their career and understands the difficulties that young people approaching the film industry face.



MMBF Innovators Fund (Open to all creatives and individuals in the arts)

First Time Director (under 21 only)

Young Talent Grant (For actors and actresses aged (under 21 only)

Accredited acting & filmmaking course Grant - All ages welcome

Festival reach Grant (*For film festival submission fees) - All ages welcome

Startup Grant (*For newcomers to the industry) - All ages welcome

The MMBF is always open to sponsorships or grants that arent covered in the current opportunities above. The Trustee's will always review applications for support and funding for other activities, events and courses not covered above.


If you want to find out more information about how we might be able to assist your event, film , course or even just your career within the aviation or film industries send us an email on - and we will always be more than happy to advise you on what support we can provide.

"Changing lives for the better"

Aspiring entrepreneurs

Filmmakers & Actors

MMBF Sponsorships